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Annual  Production Sale
November 7, 2015
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Two programs-One philosophy.

Our philosophy is simple.

Produce quality cattle that deliver economic advantage to our customers. Treat people fairly and honestly. Provide outstanding service throughout our endeavors.


We raise registered Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle with the seed stock and commercial cattleman in mind. We also have a commercial herd that we raise replacement heifers for commercial producers and of course steers and heifers for end use as beef.

Unlike other industries in the beef business our factory and our product are the same—cattle. We strive to produce, buy and sell only quality components in the purebred and commercial markets. Our cattle have eye appeal and more importantly performance characteristics necessary for a vibrant, profitable and progressive beef industry.


The golden rule is one we all know. "Treat people as you would want people to treat you." It is really a rule born out of self-interest. It is a rule that we take seriously in our programs. We want to be treated fairly and honestly and we feel the best way to achieve that end is to treat others likewise.


From our "back what we sell attitude" to our involvement in various breed, cattle and community organizations- Service is a huge part of our programs.